SharePoint Calculated Column Formulas

Another thing to pop here so I don’t have to Google it over and over.

I’m also not adding my email address to a list so I can download a PDF of it, just to be spammed. 😠 No Sir.


Why isn’t my SharePoint Search working?

This is the first in an occasional series, where I try to record all the times I’ve been close to tears of rage with SharePoint search.

In the first post, I’ll start with the very first thing to check if you find your changes haven’t taken effect.

Are you in the right place?

Site Search? Site Collection Search? Search Centre? Search administration?

Site Search? Site Collection Search? Search Centre? Search administration?

There are 4 different places where you can change Search settings.

1. Site Search settings

2. Site collection settings

3. Search Centre settings

4. Search administration

Do double check that the change you made, has been made in the right settings section. For instance, if you use a search centre, rather than a search results page within your site, make sure you make your changes to display templates, etc, in the settings for the Search Centre site and not in the source site’s settings.

This one has caught me out more times than it should have!

Mad Max: Fury Road – IMAX 3D Review

I ended up completely exhausted after watching Mad Max: Fury Road in IMAX 3D, and I absolutely loved it. If you get a chance to see it in that format, it’s totally worth it. This is very much a successor to Mad Max 2, which is one of my favourite films. There’s a wonderful lack of exposition, which I really appreciate. I love it when a film just drops you in the middle of the action and lets you work out what’s going on.

Charlize Theron is very good as Imperator Furiousa. She doesn’t have that many lines, but she’s completely believable as a one-armed truck-driving badass. This is the second film that I’ve really enjoyed seeing her in, after “A Million Ways to Die in the West”. She’s backed up with a gang of very pretty, delicate ladies who are also all believable and excellent.

I loved Tom Hardy as Max, who probably has the fewest lines out of the main characters. He definitely embodies the spirit of Max Rockatansky. This is very much an ensemble piece, with Nicholas Hoult bringing lots of personality to his role.

The 3D was beautifully done, in-yer-face when it needed to be and subtle for the rest of the film. There was one very cheeky “boing” out of the screen near the end, even better for its cheekiness.

In summary, if you loved the originals, I’m sure you’ll love this. If you love action, if you love chases, if you love stunts, if you love films that have a heart; I think you’ll love this.

Everything is fixable

Baldwin was twenty-eight and severely depressed on the August day in 1985 when he told his wife not to expect him home till late. “I wanted to disappear,” he said. “So the Golden Gate was the spot. I’d heard that the water just sweeps you under.” On the bridge, Baldwin counted to ten and stayed frozen. He counted to ten again, then vaulted over. “I still see my hands coming off the railing,” he said. As he crossed the chord in flight, Baldwin recalls, “I instantly realized that everything in my life that I’d thought was unfixable was totally fixable—except for having just jumped.

Design Pitfalls – free weekly course from the author of Design for Hackers

You only have today to sign up for a great, free online course:

David Kadavy is the author of Design for Hackers

I’ve signed up for the course, as I’ve spent so long in the back-end, my eye for design is rather rusty.

Our little gardening club

Aoibha was very disappointed not to be picked for gardening club at school, so I’ve told her we’ll have our own little gardening club!

I know it’s a bit late in the year, so I’ve found the following table really useful to help decide what to plant. We’re going to be planting in tubs, so we can sow indoors in the conservatory too.