Filtering by SharePoint repeating data in your InfoPath 2013 list item form

That was a tortuous post title! Another post to help me remember.

I created an InfoPath 2013 form to add a new list item. One of the fields was a lookup field using a column from another list.

The lookup field was a Person field, which in InfoPath looks like repeating data.

I needed the dropdown list to show values where there was nothing in this Person field. It took me a bit of messing about to get it right.

Filtering with repeating data

Filtering with repeating data

The trick is to filter on the group. In my instance, I needed to show all entries where there was nothing in the User field for that list item.

The logic required was “All occurrences of Person are blank”, on the List Item row.

Hope this helps someone…


ASP:Hyperlink with dynamic url value from C# – “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”

Another gotcha found today.

I’ve created my ASP:Hyperlink field in the aspx page, with runat=”server” (oh yes, that one ain’t catching me out anymore).

In the C# code behind file, I set the URL to be one thing or another, depending on some other logic. It’s MyHyperlink.NavigateUrl = “blah.aspx”.

I run the thing, and I get “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”. Dammit!

Have I forgotten how to instantiate the field properly? It’s not in a grid view, or anything fancy like that.

A random Google result gave me the answer, phew! .NET3.5 and above requires the Hyperlink to have its NavigateUrl property set to something when created. So on the page I set it to “#”  on creation and then set it dynamically as necessary.

Another one not to forget!

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